Grace at Wellington is a young Wellington church, but with roots stretching back many years.

To cut a long story short, we are a member congregation of the Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, a denomination committed to proclaiming God’s word. In the 1840s, Presbyterians from Scotland (both Free Church and Church of Scotland) and elsewhere settled in New Zealand, founding churches where they put down their roots. While these churches were faithful at the beginning, they were progressively influenced by the influence of liberal and false doctrines, which infiltrated and swayed their founding denominations back in Europe. New Zealand became more independent of Britain over time, and with it the Presbyterians of New Zealand cut the apron strings to their founding denominations in Europe. Sadly, independence of body did not lead to independence and reformation of the mind, and so the purity of doctrine in the mainline church continued to decline, until by the 1960s and 1970s heretics (people who openly deny key beliefs of Christianity, like the Trinity, Sin, the Atonement, or Christ’s Deity) were openly tolerated.

While some who continued to hold to the Reformation doctrines still officially held by the Church attempted to fight and renew from within, others left to start anew and try and rebuild what had been ripped apart by false teaching. One such congregation was the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Christchurch (now Grace Presbyterian Church of Christchurch). Slowly, they formed contact with other Reformed and Presbyterian believers, and began to plant churches (both alone and supporting others). These include churches in Ashburton and an outreach in the small town of Fairlie. In 2003, that congregation sent our pastor, Ian Bayne with his wife Glenys and three children, to start a new church in Wellington called Grace @ Wellington. At the same time, they gathered together with other congregations who had realised that internal reform was impossible and only renewal from without could lead to faithful Gospel witness in New Zealand to form the Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.

Years later, we have grown from our humble beginnings, planted churches elsewhere in the Lower North Island, supported churches starting elsewhere throughout the country, and begun to learn what it is to be disciples of the Living God in this far corner of the world.